Big quantity at the highest Quality

Kalle Haasum is a freelance Art Director working through all Europe. He started this limited collection of sculptures to bring back his childhood memories of his “Heimat”, Sweden. We produced for him this limited edition starting from a 3D model and milled it out of Ashwood.

3D Sculpting

We used an appropriate sculpting software, to model a perfect 3D model of his unique “Claudius”. Together with Kalle we developed and redesigned the shape in the minutest detail.

The pipe has been 3D modeled apart 

Claudius the fluffy cloud

We already have to consider the methods of production and the limits of wood during the digital sculpting. Thereby we are able to organize the machines and all the resources optimally and ensure a impeccable procedure.
Working with files and prototypes during planning phase allows us to improve easily, with huge flexibility and efficiently.

“Claudius” an art piece by Kalle Haasum

Producing a wooden replica

Internaly we’ve made a 3D print of the figure with all the necessary parts, in order to examinate the shape, the details and check for feasibility. Once confirmed, we proceed with the creation of the master model, which is essential for the production, and the wood blocks.

Skilled technicians guaranted a smooth production process on the accurate machinery for small series. After a strict quality control the whole series was shiped to Berlin, where the artist assembled all the parts and hand finished the art piece.

The lovely “Claudius” was immediately the absolute eye-catcher after his release and was also exhibited at the annual Pictoplasma event in Berlin.

Limited serie of “Claudius”, the wooden fluffy cloud