Quality & Fidelity

Thanks to the latest technologies we are able to guarantee the maximum of precision and details.

High Professionalism

Since we are working for many years in this sector we know exactly how to handle subtle projects.

Safe Storage

All collected data is securely storaged in our archives to ensure immunity.

Related Services

Services we especially offer to Cultural Institutions.

We are using high sophisticated 3D scanners to capture detailed data. Our scanner is using contactless blue light technology and gives us the possibility to make on-location scans.

Our anatomical knowledge and carving skills are now used to handle the most sophisticated project with 3D sculpting. We are able to make any transformations, to edit shapes and to modify 3D files/3D scans as the customer prefers.

Before we start a real production process we offer high quality 3D prototypings to ensure the customer on how the outcome will be. The 3D print is useful to control forms, make changes on the files and to figure out imperfections in order to get a perfect product.

We take care of prototyping, individual and serial production, from very small to very big. We deliver finished products by supervising every step. Thanks to digital data e are also able to reproduce our customers models in different scales and materials.

Our practiced team of artists and artisans is providing realistic and authentic finishing reproducing every single detail.

All you need is an old model

  • Material: Maple Wood, different finishings
  • Service: 3D Scan, Digital Sculpting and milling

The statue of 1918 was seriously damaged, with broken parts and defects. We scanned the original one and fixed the parts digitally. Then we produced a model wich was used to start a serial reproduction in different sizes. Also with the same digital file we milled a large statue of 120cm.



As simple as sending us pictures

  • Material: Cherry wood
  • Service: Digital Sculpting and robotic milling

Using pictures we were able to model a 3D bust, which we milled from a whole block of wood. This technique can be used to reproduce historic persons, object that can’t be scanned or for the development of reliefs.