Our Competencies

We are providing a full range of services which are fitting to every kind of demand.


Design Studies

Our creative designers are always pushing themselfs to find the right solution for your needs whilst they are analyzing shapes and functions.

Material Research

Thanks to our analitycal approach combined with our experience we are the right partner for material planning.

Trend Analysis

We analyzes your requests, learns about your business and researches markets to fetch the most sophisticate trends for your intends.

Visual Concept

Once the idea is well-conceived we can develope visualizations and renderings for you and your customers.

Digital Tasks

3D Scan

We have the latest technology of contactles blue light scanner and are able to scan almost every kind of object with an accuracy of only 0,02 mm.

Reverse Engineering

For technical purposes we use 3D scans to make reverse engineerings of industrial parts.

3D Modeling

Our technicians are in the position to model each required part, shape or whole product with any kind of 3D software. 

Digital Sculpting

We offer your the approach of artisans and artists with the agility of digital softwares to concretize your ideas.



We  set up 3D models for rapid prototyping or the outer shell of a model for the milling process. Different material can be used, depending on the technical needs of the prototype.

Individual Production

With our knowledge in production, our skilled artisans and advanced technology we are able to produce any kind of shape in various materials.

Serial Production

We are producing various elements, components and wooden parts in different wood sorts. With our CNC machinery we are able to produce small series as wall as thousand units or more in short time.


Every project and product has special needs and therefore we specialized in many surface treatments to satisfy any request.

Hand Carving

Talented artisans are providing accurate carvings by hand, giving the human touch that machines can’t.

Clay Modeling

We are modeling figures and components out of clay mass especially for the art and design sectors.

Laser Engraving

Thanks to the high sophisticated laser technology we are able to make personalized engravings and cuts.


On request we also handle the study and organization of particular packagings for your products.

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