Stunning Precision

Thanks to our advanced technologies we are able to guarantee the maximum of precision during every process.

Large Range of Materials

Due to strong partnerships we are able to get various materials with different characteristics from all over the world.

Varied Methods

We have the possibility to offer different crafting techniques to handle every kind of request.

Worldwide Shipping

Our company is delivering worldwide and providing safe and secure shipments.

Related Services

Services we especially offer to the Industrial Design sector.

In order to get an overview of your projects we help you to evaluate costs, feasibility, time exposure and consult you when it comes to material decisions.
Our talented team is also composed out of designers and technicians which are supporting you during the creative and planning processes.

With high sophisticated 3D Scanner we are able to take pictures of your physical object, in order to get a digital model for reproductions or storage. We use contactless blue light – technology and offer on-location scans.
Thanks to digital data we are also able to offer form studies and product analysis.

Since there are no limits set to ideas,  our digital artists are modeling the most unthinkable forms and shapes based on sketches or templates provided by the customer.

We are able to prepare 3D renderings to visualize your project and to study forms. Digitally we can also set different photo-realistic material textures to simulate surfaces.

Before we start a real production process we offer high quality 3D prototypings to ensure the customer on how the outcome will be. The 3D print is useful to control forms, make changes on the files and to figure out imperfections in order to get a perfect product.

We take care of individual and serial production, from very small to very big. We deliver finished products by supervising every step.

We specialized in many surface treatments for different purposes to satisfy any request.

As we are working for international clients we organize shippings throughout the whole world. Punctuality and safety of the goods is the most important aspect during the logistics process.

Warm like hand made, precise like cnc milling

  • Materials: Precious Wood (Mahogany, Olive, Padouk, Walnut, Wengé, Zebrawood)
  • Service: Prototyping, Serial Production, Exclusive Finishings

Based on Hasselblad’s design we produce large series of wooden grips for Stellar and Lunar photo cameras in exclusive materials. Highest quality, maximum precision and deliveries on time are strict requirements for the long and ongoing cooperation with this high-end company.



Products crafted around you

  • Material: Different wood sorts
  • Service: Concept & Design, Digital Sculpting, Serial Production, Exclusive Finishings

Together with our customer we produce the most elegant and unique bow ties ever made. Our expertised team developed and executed the concept of the new fashion pieces and consulted the customer in matters of shapes, materials and finishings. The closely collaboration between the customer, designers and the company were the key of success in this project.



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