General Terms & Conditions

Data Privacy and Confidentiality Statement

Dear customer,
According to the Italian law 196/2003, defining the protection of persons and other subjects as to the treatment of the personal data, your information will be treated according to the principles of propriety, lawfulness and transparency, and your personal privacy and rights will be protected.

Therefore the company 3D WOOD S.r.l. provides you with the data privacy statement relating to the intended business relation. The transmission of data is optional but necessary for the establishment and the continuation of the business connection and/or for the contractual relations between you as customer and the company 3D WOOD S.r.l. Missing data may inhibit or affect the observance of the contract conditions.

The personal data as well as any kind of confidential information including that implicating intellectual property will only be used in relation to the contractual requirements and exclusively to maintain the business relations. The information is processed on paperwork as well as magnetic, electronic and telematics devices. The data, which is used and recorded for the duration of the business relationship and subsequently to meet any legal requirements, may be transmitted to related companies of 3D WOOD S.r.l.: to our consultants if necessary for the successful fulfillment of a given order, to producers, distributors and suppliers of 3D WOOD S.r.l. if necessary for the fulfillment of the commercial relations and/or the requests of the customer, to transport companies responsible for the consignment of the goods and the customs clearing, to bank institutes responsible for encashment or payments, to financial administration and other public institutions to meet the applicable regulations, to law firms and lawyers to protect the contractual rights and to competent authorities in case of their express request.

To guarantee the secrecy and confidentiality of the collected data and confidential information none of it will be transmitted beyond the above stated conditions. The company 3D WOOD S.r.l. may use the data for informational campaigns, unless the customer denies explicitly and formally the consent.

The company 3D WOOD S.r.l. as receiving party of the confidential information does not assume any liability for any confidential information that has already been made public or will be made public by any other not related third party.

The company 3D WOOD S.r.l. treats all confidential information, including that implicating intellectual property – transmitted digitally or in material – according to the principle of propriety. Furthermore no data will be used beyond the requirements of your request, notwithstanding the necessary use for the fulfillment and attainment of the project’s goals.

The customer assumes the full responsibility that the transmitted confidential data is correct and no copyright is infringed. The company 3D WOOD S.r.l. is not liable for any possible infringement of copyrights.

The company 3D WOOD S.r.l. does not guarantee the safe storage of the consigned material or digital goods. The customer is obliged to indemnify and hold the company 3D WOOD S.r.l. harmless in respect of any legal proceedings and claims in this matter. The customer is therefore obliged to ask for a copy of the digital material.

The present statement is valid form the moment of signature until it will be revoked by one of the signing parties. The revokement has to be sent in a registered letter with reply advice to the addresses indicated in this statement.

Prices and Terms of Payment

The prices, as indicated in the Order Confirmation sent by the company 3D WOOD S.r.l., are net prices and do not include the value added tax (VAT), any other taxes or fees or any additional costs; unless it is otherwise specified in the quote.

Furthermore changes, modifications, or additional requests may result in an adjustment of the total costs.

All services are subject to the general terms and conditions, including the terms of payment and delivery, as specified in the quote and confirmed by your, the customer’s, signature.

In case of a delay in payment we want to point out that the company 3D Wood S.r.l., as the product and service selling party, may claim their rights according to the Italian law D.Lgs n. 231 of 9 October 2002 et al.

Finally we want to recall that all products and services rendered by the company 3D WOOD S.r.l. remain in their exclusive possession until the customer has paid all owed amounts and settled all open accounts. This includes all models, digital data, drafts, sketches, drawings, prototypes as well as all products, which the customer has given or consigned to the company 3D WOOD S.r.l.

Customer Complaints

The customer is urged to examine the products and services rendered by the company 3D WOOD S.r.l. and to submit any complaints about flaws, defects or damages in writing within 8 days after receipt of the merchandise. Later complaints will not be accepted.

Information about the Delivered Products and Recommendations of Use

The company 3D WOOD S.r.l. aims at your complete satisfaction and works according to the principles of lawfulness and transparency. Therefore we would like to to give you some information and advice about the delivered products.

Wooden Products

Wood is an organic material maintaining its properties of a living organism even after being processed and therefore is subject to natural processes of decay, which may transform and modify the original organic material. There might occur:

  • Deformations
  • Cracks and fissures
  • Amplifications and embossments
  • Changes in coloring in relation to the original color
  • Dissolutions of the coating, the color, the varnish, the oil, the wax or other finishes of the wooden surface

The principal enemies of wood are:

  • Direct insolation
  • Variations in temperature
  • Water
  • Humidity
  • Contact with chemicals

Products of Nylon for Pantographs

Nylon models have a thin nylon coating, which by frequent use may show signs of usage or peel of the filling.

Moreover these models can have very subtle parts, which may deform or break due to the mechanical properties of the used material. We therefore recommend to use them carefully.

Furthermore you should bear in mind that nylon is a delicate material whose main enemies are:

  • Direct insolation
  • Variations in temperature
  • Water
  • Humidity
  • Contact with chemicals

This translation is only for your information. Only the italian version is legally binding.


The company 3D WOOD S.r.l. remains at your full disposal for any further details or solutions to possible inconveniences with the delivered products. Please feel free to contact us at