“Only if you’re conscious about the possibilities
your mind can be set free

Sylvestre Gauvrit graduated at the Accademia Belle Arti of Carrara and worked then in various institutional art studios in Pietrasanta where he mastered his techniques of carving marble, especially monumental pieces and eventually created his own studio to make his own pieces. His sculptures are now part of public and private collections in the major cultural capital around the globe such as Paris, London, Rome, Amsterdam, Hong-Kong and Dubai.


Preparing the 3D data

After 3D sculpting every single art piece needs to be programmed by our skilled technicians in order to be milled out of various materials.

Programming the milling paths of “EROS, Sylvestre Gauvrit” for the robotic CNC machinery

Experimenting means progress

Sylvestre is always on the scout of new technologies and material compositions to improve his works and find the way to reflect his thoughts into a real art piece.
Together with our partners we’re helping artists to find solutions when it comes to material and tool selection. The variety of arranging the decisive factors is almost infinite if we consider all the possibilities we have, such as the sketching, the digital sculpting, the different production methods or the versatile finishing techniques.

EROS, Sylvestre Gauvrit
Black and white synthetic materials, special gluing, CNC milled and hand finishied

PSYCHÉE, Sylvestre Gauvrit
Coloured synthetic materials, special gluing, CNC milled and hand finishied

Flexibility in production

Working with 3D files allows us to work with a huge flexibility in every phase of the project. In this case the artist sculpted his figures digitally using a common 3D sculpting software. Production started after the 3D models were optimized by our technicians.

We are using different anthropomorphic robotic arms (7-axis CNC machinery) to mill sophisticated forms and shapes out of a material block. Since parts can be easily glued and assambled there are no limits for your projects. We believe that we’re especially taking advantage of the fusion of century long tradition and knowledge in carving wood/other materials and astonishing technology.

Aeolus, Sylvestre Gauvrit – different perspectives of the wooden, CNC-milled sculpture