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We are specialized in supporting worldwide artists and have collected experiences in various sectors and technologies to unfold new opportunities.

Experienced Support

Skilled artisans and experienced technicians are assisting you during every realization process.

Unlimitless Possibilities

Our customers have the opportunity to choose between various processing methods and to make their project as unique as possible.

Worldwide Shipping

Our company is delivering worldwide and providing safe and secure shipments.

Related Services

Services we especially offer to the Art sector

We help you to evaluate costs, feasibility, time exposure and consult you when it comes to material decisions.

3D Scan
With high sophisticated 3D Scanner we are able to take pictures of your physical object, in order to get a digital model for reproductions or storage. We use contactless blue light – technology and offer on-location scans.

Digital Sculpting
Our anatomical knowledge and carving skills are now used to handle the most sophisticated project with 3D sculpting. We are able to make any transformations, to edit shapes and to modify 3D files/3D scans as the customer prefers.

We take care of prototyping, individual and serial production, from very small to very big. We deliver finished products by supervising every step. Thanks to digital data e are also able to reproduce our customers models in different scales and materials.

We specialized in many surface treatments to satisfy any request. From the classic gilding over colorful painting to different lacquerings, we are handling every kind of finishing.

As we are working for international clients we organize shippings throughout the whole world. Safety of the goods is the most important aspect during the logistics process.


Some of the projects we handled for famous artists around the globe


Beauty in 10 mm thickness

Based on our customer’s 3D files we milled this interesting and colorful shapes. The blocks are consisting into different materials which were assembled to make such an abstract art possible.


From 60 cm up to a 6 m sculpture

Javier Marin worked on two 60 cm model (31,5″), then sent them to us from Mexico. We used our 3D scanner to collect digital data, scaled them to 6 meters (20 feet) and then divided each sculpture in 8 parts.


Wooden multiples of an art piece

Together with Kalle we developed the optimal 3D drawing and then the pantograph model for the serial production of 32 parts.

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