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Our experienced team is delivering a 360° range of services and guiding you from the really first step to the conclusion of the project.

Goal driven processes

We are always focusing on our customers goals and adapting our working processes to the needs.

Experience & Competence

Since we are working for different sectors and requests we are able to handle every project with the maximum of professionalism.

Worldwide Shipping

Our company is delivering worldwide and providing safe and secure shipments.

Related Services

Services we especially offer to the architectural sector.

With our knowledge in project development and production management we help you to evaluate costs, feasibility, time exposure and consult you when it comes to material matters.

Our digital experts are at your disposal to design 3D Models and technical drawings for every kind of output and need.

We are able to prepare 3D renderings to visualize your project and to study forms. Digitally we can set different photo-realistic material textures to simulate surfaces.

Before we start a real production process we offer high quality 3D prototypings to ensure the customer on how the outcome will be. The 3D print is useful to control forms, make changes on the files and to figure out imperfections.

We are able to deal with any request by choosing appropriate processes and suitable machinery. Our machines are as diversified as our customers requests and optimized for every kind of need. We are producing individual parts and huge series of copies from very small to massive.

Forward looking projects is our daily job

  • Material: Prototyped Nylon and milled MDF
  • Service: 3D Printing and 5-Axis CNC milling
  • Size: 5 meter ( 15 feet) long landscape model

Based on the idea of the architect we prepared digital models for the 3D printer and the milling machine. All parts where colored, laquered to ensure longevity and assambled to a show room – ready model.



Celings don’t need anymore to be straight

  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Service: 7-Axis robotic milling

The customer designed in 3D the ceiling of the lounge room for his restaurant. We milled the design out of polyurethane, which has been fixed to the straight ceiling. Afterwards it has been covered with plaster and painted.



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