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About 3DW

We created a link between 400 year old experience, creativity and stunning technology


This allows the creation of new, never seen products with an international market. Our range of services is just as diversified and ground-breaking. We are an award winning service company working for private customers as well as for leading brands worldwide. Our professional team will help you to develop your project, guiding you from the idea to the final product, providing you access to the most innovative technologies.  Everything you imagine is possible, when others reach their limits, we continue. We love our job, let us surprise you, we bring amazing products to life!

OUR CUSTOMERS ARE designers, artists, architects, furniture makers, museums, visitor centers, interior decorators, gadget industries, inventors, event managers, advertisement companies, renovators, component industries, engineering industries, jewelry industries, fashion accessories, churches, high end shop furniture makers, furniture component industries, archeologists, trophy suppliers, shoe makers, innovation centers, landscape planners, portraits, automotive component industries, customers who need copies, manufacturers of anatomical parts, hotels, mold makers, regular people with hobbies and passions and many more.


“To be or not to be 3DW, that is the question …”

Who wrote about us

A glimpse of work we’ve done for
forward thinking brands and clients

Nothosaurus Vertebral Bone

“Ababo Strip” – Front Desk


Aron Demetz

Modern Fireplace

Biennale Val Gardena 2014

Hasselblad Special Editions

Madonna Loretto

Wooden bathroom equipment

Architectonic Highway Envisioning

Carved Wooden Bow Ties

Shop Shelf

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How it works



Please describe your request as detailed as possible!


This allows us to better understand your needs and guide you faster towards successful results.

(e.g.: quantities, materials, size, files, references, usage, drawings, pictures, expected delivery time, maximum budget)



we study the feasibility and look for the best solutions
we make a quotation for project costs and variable costs


3   We deliver:

products out of various materials

 one of a kind (unique) – 30 cm up to 3 meters
serial work – 1 cm up to 3 meters

services by our skilled experts

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Our Designing Skills

From concept over the  prototype to the  production ready file.
We care about your wishes and make you and your customers happy. 

“Join the creative process!”
Supported file formats:


How it works


How about producing?

materials we work with

We quickly turn your idea in real products and deliver worldwide!


Our company is world wide known for being a leader in milling wood and wood based materials. We produce your idea from very small to large, just one piece or larger quantities.


 Your idea can be milled out of various synthetic materials, each one with different proprieties. Expert hands finish the milled figure with surface treatments of your choice. 

Our mission is to guide your idea
to become a real amazing product.

What about 3D data capturing?

Our 3D scanning techniques

We offer high quality contactless 3D scanning of whatever you wish to be scanned.
On your request we also clean and modify the file to your satisfaction.

Optical Scan

GOM Atos II 400 – White Light 3D Scanner

  • High resolution (up to 0.01mm)
  • High accuracy (0.01 – 0.02mm)
  • Maximum size of the scanned item up to 6 meters
  • High precision but no texture
  • It scans sharp edges and thin walls
  • Contactless scanning
  • Scanning on location

Flexible Handscan

Artec Spider 3D Scanner

  • High resolution (up to 0.15mm)
  • High accuracy (0.03 – 0.05mm)
  • It’s lightweight, handheld and scans texture as well
  • It scans sharp edges and thin walls
  • It scans and fuses the model in real time
  • Contactless scanning
  • Scanning on location



Where we are

 Pontives Nord 29, 39040 Laion/Ortisei (BZ), Italy

Our dedicated quality employees

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Egon Bernardi

member photo

Carlo Runggaldier

Executive Director
member photo

Ivan Runggaldier

Production Foreman
member photo

Lukasz Wolyniec

Project Manager
member photo

Elia Salcher

Project Manager
member photo

Benjamin Leitgeb

3D Designer & 3D Prints
member photo

Willi Crepaz

Artist Consultant
member photo

Ivo Bernardi

Quality Reviewer
member photo

Samuel Prinoth

Technology Expert
member photo

Simon Bernardi

Serial Production Manager
member photo

Walter Wanker

Public Relations
member photo

Mark Gutzmer

Corporate Branding

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(+39) 0471 796528

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